My wife and I purchased a Cannon DSLR camera about two months ago, and have been loving it. I had wanted one for use with school and work projects for quite some time, but we had never been willing to take the jump (in price/class/bulkiness) until recently. But that's not what this post is about. I hate how every camera bag looks like a camera bag. We have searched and searched for a descent camera bag that is functional, yet doesn't make us targets for camera theft when traveling. While this bag isn't perfect, I love the design sensibility that went into it's construction, and that goes into everything that BUILT makes.

Truth be told, since purchasing this moderately priced bag, we returned it. It's honestly too big for people like us who just want to carry the camera- no extra lenses or flashes or any other fancy gadgetry. But that doesn't make the bag any less noteworthy. If you're looking for a great looking, well made bag that looks more like a man-tote than a standard black Cannon bag, check out more here.


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