Prefab Homes

As this blog evolves, I'm beginning to understand that it's more about aesthetic appreciation than strictly design. So, in that line of thought comes the next blog post. My wife and I have been looking at our options for buying a home in California, and the options are both overwhelming and generally disappointing. Thankfully, there are some good looking options for buying a new home that don't include living 10 feet from your neighbor, mostly found in prefabricated housing. One company that has particularly stood out in our search for modern, clean-lined, prefab housing is mk designs. I am a particular fan of the Breezehouse (seen below), but wanted to share the video from the process of the Solaire house literally unfolding on a concrete slab (see link below).

I'm impressed by not only the design of their houses, but also the way that they economically package and efficiently build these homes on site. Understanding that there is a lot that goes into preparing a plot of land to get to the point where mk designs' crew can show up and pop your beautiful house into place, the building process is incredible and fast. Check out the video at mk Designs website.


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