Alphabet Book

My wife and I received a subscription to a great magazine, titled GOOD for Christmas. Each issue focuses on a particular topic or area of the world, in which "good" is being or can be done. In an issue featuring New Orleans, an article about "Love Letters: Visual Index of New Orleans." Most of us read, or were read alphabet books as a child, something similar to what's seen below (also great design, by Steve Mack).
The Visual Index of New Orleans is not exactly a book to read to your children, showing fluffy and cute animals that correspond to the letter of the alphabet. As you can see below, each of the letters correspond to an important aspect of the New Orleans culture (as well as the alphabet, of course). I'm posting this because this work is visually inspiring, connecting the image to the letter in a very interesting ways. This page is "C is for Crawfish."

If you're interested in reading more about this article click here, or to receive a free copy of The Visual Index of New Orleans, contact ness@iamalwayshungry.com


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  1. Amy and I really enjoy GOOD. It's a really fun magazine.