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I was turned onto this awesome link the other day that is really creative and intuitive, so I thought it would be worth posting about even if you're not a designer. I've come to love Flickr over the last years because it has an abundance of great images as well as quite a few image miners (which can be used to more powerfully sort through the images vs their standard search engine). But this is something completely different and ingenious- a search engine that allows you to specify colors you are looking for in an image, and it goes out and finds a ton of images matching your query. Very cool.

This is an example of an image I took last summer that would be pulled up by selecting say two varying shades of green, and white.

Here's the link. Enjoy!

Just to note- a lot of the images on Flickr are protected, and I am citing my love of Flickr as a great resource for research and concept generation, not for stealing other peoples work.


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